New Machine Tool Supply

We specialise in the supply and support of CNC machine tools if you are a Engineering Manufacturer you want the best machine tools for the job, this will instil faith in your customers and help establish your company as reliable and efficient.

At Express CNC Ltd we are truly independant and can source and support Machine tools from some of the best worldwide suppliers.

The main advantages of sourcing your next machine tool from Express CNC Ltd.

  1. Experience. We have many years of machine tool build experience we know all the main problems that affect different types of machines.
  2. Lower cost, because we work with many manufacturers and we are truly independent we can best advise what machines offer the best price / performance for your requirements.
  3. Total Supply. We are one of the few companies that can handle the Sourcing, Machine build inspection and sign off, importation, Transportation, Installation, Training and ongoing maintenance support. We can even take your old machine tools in part exchange against a new Machine Tool sort out the communications and machine monitoring if required. 
  4. Direct support. It is very important that you can trust your machine tool supplier to provide you with direct skilled after sales support. This is Express CNC Ltd's primary business and the perfect reason why you should purchase your next CNC Machine Tool from us. Service sells and we will ensure that you are totally satisfied with your purchase for many years after installation.  

If you would like to know more about our CNC machine tool supply service or product range then you can call us directly on 01204 880370 or email us sales@expresscnc.co.uk for more information or assistance.


Cimco DNC and Machine Monitoring Software

Technology forms a big part of precision engineering which is why at Express CNC we choose to work with Cimco and we have worked with hundreds of software vendors over the years, but it is Cimco that stands head and shoulders above the rest.  
Our IT background and years of experience in the precision machining sector make us extremely qualified to evaluate what makes software companies great to work with, but also highlights the areas at which they can fail. 
Why do we recommend CIMCO? The main reason is that their products are of the highest quality and this translates over to the engineering. Cimco Software is very flexible in configuration and will always meet the requirements of the customer.
Not only that but there is a large global network of solution providers to collaborate, learn, and share opportunities with. As a solution provider ourselves, we can offer you the highest level of support, and custom integrations of the entire CIMCO Software product line.
We specialize in several core products including CIMCO Machine Data Collection (MDC) and CIMCO DNC-Max. Please get in touch with one of the team here, if there is a particular piece of Cimco Software that you are interested in.
If you would like to discus your requirement you can call us directly on 01204 880370 or email us sales@expresscnc.co.uk for more information or assistance.

Links below for Cimco information Videos.

Cimco MDC   |   Cimco DNC   |   Cimco Edit   |   Cimco-Teachware   |   Cimco MDM

You can download the latest Cimco Software from here.

CNC Rotary Tables 4th and 5th axis supplied and integrated.

CNC rotary tables provide total precision and work positioning inside the Machine tool. Using a CNC Rotary Table means that the operator is able to drill or cut work at exact intervals around a fixed horizontal or vertical axis.

At Express CNC we understand that selecting the correct rotary table can be a difficult choice, especially with so many products on the market. Are you basing your decision on the quality of the rotary tables, or is it purely a financial decision - either way, our team can help you make the right decision for your business?

The rotary table is a mechanical part and the majority of makes and models will work with your machine control subject to themachine itself being able to run an additional axis. So, another important aspect of deciding on the right rotary table is which one will work with your machine control.

At Express CNC we can help you find the right CNC rotary tables for your business which means that each job is delivered to your customers with a high level of accuracy and efficiency. Our team of fully trained and authorised engineers can advise you and answer all your rotary table questions.

If you would like to know more about CNC rotary tables you can call us directly on 01204 880370 or email us sales@expresscnc.co.uk for more information or assistance. Our engineers are more than happy to answer all of your questions and provide advice on the best products for the job.